Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Sod

I tell him about the language units, and he's just not interested. His son's future and he just doesn't care.

When The Boy was born, I asked him to apply for parental responsibility, because in Scotland at that time, legal responsibility went automatically to the mother, but if the father wasn't married to her, he had to apply for it.

His response was "I can't be arsed."

I've spoken to him about it since. I've explained that if I was to die tomorrow, The Boy would go into care, rather than to him, because despite being the father, he has no rights what so ever. He didn't believe me. I eventually convinced him, and he agreed to apply...if I got the forms and sorted it all out.

It drives me crazy. He comes over two evenings a week, and does all the fun stuff.

There's a nappy needing changed, right this minute. The Sod has said he'll do it, but he's putting it off in the hope that I'll do it. He's drinking a cup of tea first.

I suppose I'd better go and see to it. Turgh.


Anonymous Barry said...

To be honest with you, it sounds like you're better off without his help. I'm lazy, really, really lazy. But if it came to something that was more important than anything, for example my son (if I had one), I wouldn't be drinking my tea first.

My dad was the same when I was younger. As I have ADHD, they had to deal with. A LOT of school and doctor appoinments. He never had anything to do with it though, he just sat in the car. My mum done most of the running about. I think that's why myself and my mum are so close. As she had to deal with everything herself.

So, it might be annoying at this point in time, but believe me, The Boy with be thankful for what you do for him when he's a bit older. :)

1:50 PM  
Blogger Aine said...

That's good to hear. :)

I worry what The Boy will think of me when he grows up. I talked to someone on a carer's forum who's autistic daughter - all grown up - turned round and told her Mum that autism's a gift, not a disability, and that her Mum wasn't really a carer, just to lazy to get a job.

It's really nice hearing your story, thankyou.

3:08 PM  

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