Saturday, January 07, 2006

Play Schemes

We're nearly at the end of the winter holidays. The Boy goes back to nursery on Tuesday :)

But I'm already thinking about the summer holidays. Three weeks has been a very long time. Six weeks will be unbelievably long. OK, the weather will be better and we'll be able to go out, but...

So someone told me the Lothian Autistic Society runs a summer play scheme. I contacted them by email. And the forms arrived today in the post. They want 20 quid just to join as a member, and then I can apply for a place for The Boy, and that'll doubtless cost as well.

I can manage that, but they want it in the form of a check. Where the hell am I going to get a check from? I've only just managed to get a basic bank account. Us scumbag single mothers don't get things like checkbooks.

I'll have to see if they'll accept a postal order... :(


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