Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Because I was so tired yesterday, today I slept in until 11:30am. Which means I'll be up until god knows when tonight again. It also left The Boy sitting bored in his room. Maybe that's not such a bad thing. It's nice to walk in and see him entertaining himself with his toys as opposed to watching dvd's.

Why is it that your hair looks so damn sexy when you get out of bed? All straight, tousled looking, falling in your eyes... But once you've washed it, dried it and styled it, it looks like crap?

My ex, the one I broke up with because I'm afraid of getting pregnant, confessed he'd perhaps pulled the girl I thought he might pull at new year. We shall call him Bag Puss, to differentiate between him and The Sod. I knew it was coming, Bag Puss and the girl. I've no right to be bothered. I dumped him. But I still feel sick. We're trying to stay friends...but now I'm thinking of him with her all the time.

Ach, I'll get over it, I suppose. :(

It's good I might have been replaced so quickly. That way, I can feel worse, and he can get laid.

Seems like justice.


Blogger royal_scot123 said...

Not sure you are being fair with yourself. This stuff is hard on us all. I don't really know the answer which I guess doesn't really help. Sorry

6:36 AM  
Blogger Aine said...

I know, I'm just letting off some steam, so to speak. :)

10:11 AM  
Blogger royal_scot123 said...

I do the same thing all the time but you soon realise that it doesn't do anyone any good. Especially yourself! Anyway you are lucky 'cause you live in one of the greatest cities in the world! Me? I'm in Manchester!

2:09 AM  
Blogger Aine said...

Ah, but I started a blog precisely because I can let off steam/rant! It does me a lot of good. It saves me from going nuts some days.
Manchester's not that bad, is it? :)
I've only been there the once, mind you, so I don't know.

3:02 AM  
Anonymous Barry said...

I also blog at times to let off some steam without some moderator editing it. Heheh

2:04 PM  

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