Monday, January 09, 2006

Gathered Guts

Well! This morning I summoned up a bit of courage and phoned the two language units. One was very positive, the other wasn't sure it would be possible for us to see it at this late stage. They're both going to call back. But I did it!

I also found a lesbian mothers group. I posted on a forum about it, and was lucky enough to find someone who already goes, and has offered to meet me beforehand, so I don't panic and not go. Fantastic. :)

And, the Lothian Autistic Society accepts postal orders, so that'll be sorted out shortly too.

It's been such a nice morning, it makes me wonder when the shit plans to meet the fan.


Blogger gldean said...

Great work, we are proud or you!

Single Mothers

2:11 AM  

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