Monday, January 02, 2006

9 Days To Go

I am a bad, bad woman, counting the days till nursery reopens. Longing to get away from my son for a few hours.

Mind you, I think he's as sick of me as I am of him.

It's not like the weather's nice and we could go to the beach.

Today it took him three hours to eat 10 spoonfuls of blended up beans for lunch. It makes me want to drink myself stupid. I may well do that once he's gone to bed.

My Mum wants to know why I watch so many DVD's like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Smallville, Tru Calling etc (it's Alias at the minute). 'They're for teenagers.' she says.

I suppose they are, but I really enjoy them, and I don't think being 20-something is too old for them...I watch them because they allow me to escape. I can live in Buffyverse for a while, instead of here.

It sure as hell beats thinking about the long day of screaming that will follow tomorrow, hot on the heels of today's long day of screaming.

Today, he screamed solidly for 15 minutes, because I had provided him with the wrong size of spoon. Sometimes he wants to use a desert spoon, like the grown-ups, and sometimes he feels that a grown-up spoon is too big for his mouth (he has problems with things going in his mouth), and wants to use a tea spoon. It's a matter of guess work, and today I got it wrong.

Still, we've come a long way. I used to have to feed him milk off a teaspoon, because he couldn't stand to have a cup at his lips. It took forever. And everything had to be blended up, once. Now it's just the occasional thing, like beans. The downside to that is I can no longer sneekily blend up vegetables for him. His diet is more limited now. It worries me a lot.

He's screaming now because there's apparently a hair on his pudding. I have to go.


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