Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year's Eve Party

I'm going out tonight! My friends who live just a few doors up the road from me are having a party. And so my ex, The Boy's father, will be babysitting.

This puts me in a wee predicament.

Just so you know the story, he left us when The Boy was not quite two years old for this woman. He'd been cheating on me for six months, maybe longer. I'd trapped him into family responsibilties, poor love, and he needed to live the bachelor life again. After all, as he said, he's a very talented musician, his life was meant to be so much more than that of a father/partner/9 to 5 drone.


Anyway, this woman he buggered off with is an actress. And a nutcase. She has bipolar disorder. That's what you're supposed to call manic depression these days, isn't it? She beats him up. She broke his nose, his wrist and a rib.

Well, they split up (hurrah!) and he started seeing someone else - who I actually liked - and all went calm, apart from the odd message to me from her, passed on through friends. Mostly how she wanted to see me to apologise, that she could understand why I might hate her. I don't hate her, I just want nothing to do with her.

But now she's back.

The Boy's father (who I shall name The Sod, because he'll probably get mentioned in this blog a lot) told his mother that he'd been round at this woman's home recently, and she'd threatened to jump out her bedroom window. The Sod hauled her back in, and she and her friend who happened to be there, turned on him and beat him up.

A friend who knows them all says this woman has been drinking like a fish and taking all of her month's supply of medication in one week, and now she's been cut off.

Now, this all hearsay, I know, but it does worry me.

Everywhere I go, people keep asking me if The Sod and this woman are back together. How would I know? I'm the last person he'd tell. She's an off-limits subject matter between us.

But what if they are? What if (still with me? Getting to the point now!) he brings her round tonight? He brought the last girlfriend round a few times, and that was fine with me because she was never anything but nice to me and The Boy. But I really won't be happy if he brings round this woman. Aside from the fact I don't want the woman he left me for in my home, what if she's as unstable as she sounds? What if she hurts The Sod in front of The Boy? Or worse, what if she hurts my son?

Now - thinking calm thoughts - it's unlikely he'll bring her. Surely he has more sense than that? Okay, he has very little tact or thought for my feelings, but surely even he can see I would be unhappy with it?

I tried to bring the subject up a few days ago, but he got all defensive. We really don't talk about her.

He has said he's looking forward to hiding away from the New Year's madness in my flat for the evening. He's maybe bringing his guitar. He's looking forward to spending the evening with The Boy. All of this suggests he'll be alone.

Oh, I hope so.


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