Friday, December 30, 2005

I Must Be Imagining Things

I may be losing my mind. Twice, now, I've made plans with a friend, written it on my calender, and had her not show up, claiming we never made any definate arrangements.

Then I had some money to put into my ex's bank account, and he told me to put it in on the 28th. That's fine, I thought, that's the day I get a bit of money anyway, so it works out nicely.

But on the 26th, he reminds me I'm to put money in on the 27th, as we arranged. We did not. It was definately the 28th, because that is the day I get the money, after all. He tells me that I'll have to pay his bank charges, then, because that will leave him overdrawn. Great.

I'm begining to wonder if it's me that's getting everything wrong.

The Boy had breakfast this morning, and as usual he had custard, and then a little yogurt pudding thing. I go off to run myself a bath and he wanders through and tells me he hasn't had his pudding yet. Now, I'm sure he did...I even remember him showing me his clean spoon for the pudding (he can't use the same spoon because he doesn't like different foods to touch each other).

But maybe I imagined it. And I can't let the poor kid go without, just because I can't trust myself to remember anything. He's probably chancing his luck, but I can't be sure. Oh god. I'm only in my mid-twenties. I can't go doo-lalley yet.


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